corn husk dolls

Transylvanian survival kit

Not only can you take it anywhere in the world with you, but from fussy eaters to Michelin stars critics, everyone agrees: slănină, ceapă roșie, horincă, cozonac, ouă fierte, mămăligă rece, caș. Caution: this meal is not vegetarian friendly and is to be shared. Side effect: personal space might get smaller. Traditionally, this is how we make friends!

Friendship bracelets,

hippie enough to wear all around the year regardless if you’re 15, 45, 72 or 89; it’s not the wrinkles that matter but what’s on hand. Traditionally, worn during March and made from white and red string. Newborns wear a red one to keep evil eye at bay.

Transylvania souvenirs

Corn husk dolls,

a great decorating object for any house, cottage, villa, studio, palace; any resembles to real people is voluntarily. Traditionally, used in ceremonies when the betrothed leaves you with a broken heart.


Ella F. sings to Ray C. “baby, it’s cold outside”. Too bad Ella didn’t wear knitted wool socks, sweaters, house shoes, vests, mittens, hats. She might have sung a different tune. Traditionally, everybody wears them but nobody likes to admit it. Fact: they never go out of fashion.

Transylvania souvenirs and more


the legend behind it involves a femme fatale and the devil, also a decorative object, might come in handy at various situations: breaking the ice, breaking bad habits, breaking bad people. Traditionally used on horses, now hangs above a house entry.

Transylvania souvenirs and more

We will make sure you won’t leave without trying, tasting and taking home a bit of Transylvania with you