Best Tours in Transylvania

Are you ready to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Transylvania, where every path tells a story?

Best Tours in Transylvania

Are you ready to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Transylvania, where every path tells a story?


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Sibiu, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Alba-Iulia


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‘Transylvania has so much to teach us. It’s the last corner of Europe where we see true sustainability. We must learn from that before it’s too late.’


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Customer Reviews

“We have had a brilliant week in Transylvania and we left with memories for life. In addition to having seen and experienced lots of excitement, it was of course, very special to see the places my grandfather grew up and meet our relatives in Targu-Mures.

Maria and Alexandru were great guides and have done a great job for us all week! All in all, both kids and adults had an unforgettable holiday, and we would highly recommend Romania as a holiday country to others we know.”

Karl Erik (Norway)

family of five+the grandparents

“We came back from Romania today, full of impressions from an amazing trip. Everything has worked out splendidly, from when we landed until we went home. We were also very surprised at how sensible it is for us tourists, how clean and pretty it was all over the place and how “modern” country has become in just few years. Just happy people and beautiful nature!

We were very well taken care of by the knowledgeable and nice young guides and we were really fond of them. They did a great job! If the young generation are as knowledgeable, conscious people like them, Romania will have a brighter future.

Thank you for a very good deal and a great experience.”


“Why get a holiday with Book a guide in Transylvania? Because you will get a local guide, Maria, who is willing to share her local Transylvanian culture and open doors to other locals.  With Maria as your guide, you can expect special experiences like seeing how a pig is killed traditionally by hand or riding in an old horse wagon. Things like ordinary tourists don’t have access to.

But why travel to Transylvania at all? No matter if you are interested in culture, nature or the countryside there are opportunities in Transylvania. Transylvania is a great mix between city, wild nature and countryside. In Sibiu, you can experience an old European University town with old buildings, art and life. You can also go to the largest city in Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. Both Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca have an international airport.

Are you have more of a wild nature, you can go hiking in the Transylvanian mountains, which are a part of Carpathian Mountains. You can also just go for a walk in the wonderful forest. With Maria as guide, you’ll find small villages in the hills of Transylvania where you can eat homemade food.”

solo traveler

Want a local guide to help you meet real Transylvanians? If you answered yes, Travel with Maria!


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